||   Client Testimonials   ||
These are GREAT, I love them all!!  Thank you for this sneak peek collage, I appreciate it!  Agreed, we very much enjoyed our time and session with you as well.  I am not on Facebook, so I won't be able share there, but I can & will recommend you to our friends if you would like more families coming your way! I love the one of all 3 of us in front of the fence! They look great and we're looking forward to seeing more! 

Rebecca & Ted A.


Thank you so much for these! They turned out wonderfully! We love them!!

Eleanor & Eric M.

I LOVE the other two (pictures)... thanks so much! 
I'm sooo bummed you aren't here (TX) anymore! Thanks so much--everyone saw them at my mom's house yesterday--like I said before, I think I have some clients for you...my mom loved the two pics I framed for her!!!
Tristin B.
Your work is incredible! 
Aimee S.
We have loved the sneak peak pictures you have posted on Facebook, 
thanks for all your hard work in helping us make these great moments unique! 
Brandon & Brenda O.
Hi Shannon! I would first like to THANK YOU so much for the pics! I LOVED them and can't WAIT to see the rest of them. It was great meeting you and I wish you & your hubby the best in Denver.
Christy M.

I am just lovin these pics! Thank you so much for coming over today! You are the best! 
Jackie N.

Thanks Shannon, these are great!  I can't wait to see the rest!  
Megan P.

Thank you SO much for sending these so promptly. 
Christabel C.

Shannon, They are amazing!! Thank you soooo much!!! 
Annette C.
The pictures are so beautiful. Again, thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.
Denise O.
Oh wow, these are lovely! Thank you SO much for sending them over to me sweet blondie! ...these are wonderful! These pics are absolutely precious!!
Courtney H.

Your talent has gotten great reviews!!!! Everyone loves the pics! 
I was literally tearing up last night when I looked at them. 
Priscilla B.

Thank you Shannon!  These pictures are great! 
Thank you again for all your hard work with the photos!
Adam & Jackie H.

Gosh Shannon, these are all so beautiful. I loved all of them... 
So, I'm writing you to say that you are truly talented and you should know it.  
I am so impressed that you learned this stuff all on your own
 and that you produce the absolutely beautiful photos that you do.  
Props to you.

Stacy V.


Love them!! Great job. You are so good at what you do! Thanks friend! 
​Jackie & Keith N.